Welcome to Micro-organisms

This unit covers all content you could possibly ever want to know about little living things, topics that are covered in this unit include:

  • Bacteria
  • Pathogens and disease
  • Fermentation, e.g. Yoghurt production
  • Fungi & YeastStructure (mycellium of hypha) of fungus. Budding and respiration of yeast. Pathogenic fungi (athletes foot, thrush); industrial uses.
    PathogensWhat is a pathogen and numerous examples of different pathogen (e.g. Hepatitis, Cholera)
    Staying CleanLearn about endemic, e.g malaria and epidemic e.g flu and importance of hygiene.
    Food and DiseasePasteurisation of milk and prevention of food poisoning by Salmonella.
    Sewage treatmentTreating sewage by activated sludge method to produce safe water and fertiliser.
    FermentaionProcess (paddles, harvest line) and uses (yogurt, soy sauce) of fermentation.